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Hunting The Famed Dalton Highway
Hunting The Famed Dalton Highway

Outdoor Life author Tyler Freel, his father Britt Freel, and their videographer Tanner Denton head out on the Grabber A/T X down the famed Dalton Highway on the hunting trip of a lifetime!

The Dalton Highway, or “Haul Road” as it is commonly referred to, could be considered an irreconcilable dichotomy. It’s where ambitious industry and true wilderness meet—and coexist. The 414-mile industrial road was constructed in 1974 to facilitate building the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and service the new oilfields in Prudhoe Bay. It provides the vital link that allows oil to flow all the way to the Port of Valdez to this day.

Although its primary function is still to service the pipeline and oil fields, the Haul Road was opened to the public in 1980 and has provided and created access to millions of acres of public land. The Dalton Highway Corridor Management Area extends five miles on either side of the road and stretches about 370 miles from the Yukon River north to Prudhoe Bay, in which only bowhunting for big game is allowed.



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