GrabberTM Arctic

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  • Limited Treadwear Warranty 72 Months
  • Winter
  • Touring
  • Snow

Studdable winter tire with outstanding low temperature traction in snow, ice and wet conditions that is durable, robust and comfortable for large SUVs and pick up trucks. 

Duragen Technology

Robust compound with excellent cut and chip resistance while maintaining flexibility in cold temperatures.

Interlocking Winter Sipes

The angled, interlocking sipe design reduces squirm and block deformation. The many sipe edges also offer exceptional grip in snow, ice and wet conditions.

Robust Pattern Reinforcement

To add strength and stability to tread blocks, providing improved handling dynamics and improved wet and dry braking performance.

Pinned for Winter Studs

For those that desire the added ice grip winter studs provide, the Grabber Arctic has an optimized arrangement of pin holes for optional stud application.

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  • 4.2
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