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Cory Winner
Cory Winner

Daily Driver
Ford Raptor
Pre-event ritual
Listen to music and just relax to calm the nerves.
If I wasn't an athlete
I’d probably be in marketing or a graphic designer.
How I got started
I was always at the off-road races hanging out in the pits when I was a kid. I eventually started racing Jr. 1 Trophy Karts in 2007.
On my day off
Anything outdoor related!
My ideal roadtrip would be
I think off-roading through Alaska would be an adventure!
General Tire of choice
GrabberTM X3

Career Highlights
  • Scored five wins and three podium finishes en route to claiming the 2017 Lucas Oil Regional SoCal Pro Lite Championship.
  • Earned seven podium finishes to claim second in the 2016 Lucas Oil Regional SoCal Pro Lite Championship.
  • Finished fourth in the 2017 Crandon Off-Road World Championship
  • 5 Podiums in 2019 in the Pro 2 class 
  • 3rd Place 2018 Crandon World Cup in the Prolite class